Beef tongue
Tongue in brine, lentil ragu, cabbage salad,
black garlic cream, horseradish cream
White bean cream, blanched beans, red been and pepper pesto,
beetroot salad, onion, bacon cubes
*vege option
Mackerel in tempura
Daikon puree, pickeld yellow turnip, chive mayo, fish tempura,
lemon gel
Octopus on natural charcoal
Cooked and grilled octopus, chickpea ragu,
chickpea foam, parsley and capers pesto, fish broth reduction,
parsley oil


Pumpkin sponge, creme fraiche, pumpkin seeds and
date cracker, cinnamon and nutmeg marinated pumpkin, pumpkin oil

Warm Starters

Homemade tortellini filled with chicken meat,
chicken bone jus, fresh radicchio, grilled kale, Tingul sauce
Homemade mushroom agnolotti
Homemade pasta filled with mushroom ragu, dashi soup,
fermented mushroom, pear coulis, toasted hazelnuts, pear chips
Orzotto with dalamatian prosciutto
Beetroot cream, prosciutto brunoise, bone marrow, celery chips, pickled fennel, goat chesse

Main fish and meat

Marinated rosebeef, pickled carrots
carrot confit, red wine reduction,
plum chutney, homemade gnocchi
Blue Fish
Blue fish fillet, baked fennel, blanched brussel sprouts, charred leak, dry fig chutney
Duck Breast
Aged duck breast, red cabbage puree, homemade pasta, grape jelly beans, caramelized cherry
Veal "under the bell"
Veal, millefeuille potato, onion souffle, demi glace, carrot cream


Pumpkin and Olive Oil
Olive oil sponge, white chocolate namelaka, lime gel, olive oil puding, pumpkin cream
Split Cake
Almond and raisin sponge,
orange cream, creme anglaise,
crispy almond, maraschino caramel,

Tasting menu Kinoteka

tasting menu is available for the whole table only
Tasting menu
Bread and butter
Mackerel in tempura
Pumpkin soup
Beef tongue
Octopus on natural charcoal
Mushroom Agnolotti
Veal "under the bell"
Split Cake
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