690 KN

  • Scallop tartare

    scallops / mushrooms / tarragon

  • Bruno's cheese strudel

    Zagreb cheese stuffed dough / butter crumble / milk chips

  • Sea anemone

    sea anemone / mackerel / sea stone soup

  • Ravioli

    lobster ravioli / citrus beurre blanc

  • Turbot and truffle

    turbot / chicken jus / turbot jus

  • Lamb fillet

    lamb / ragout / beetroot

  • Apple

    apple millefeuille / frozen yoghurt


  • Scallops 140,00kn

    scallops, royal oyster mushrooms, aged olive oil

  • Tuna Tatar 130,00kn

    Adriatic tuna, 13 herbs

  • His Majesty Celery 110,00kn

    celery steak, celery tartar, dehydrated celery, celery jous

  • Black Slavonian pork prosciutto 100g/160,00kn

    Croatian prosciutto "patta negre" aged for 3 years

  • Clash of cheeses 100g/120,00kn

    Selection of the best Croatian and European cheeses

  • Parsley risotto 140,00kn

    parsley, parsnips, chlorophyll

  • Lobster ravioli 180,00kn

    beurre blanc, fresh pasta, lobster, fish

  • Brunos "štrukle" 120,00kn

    fresh pasta stuffed with fresh cheese from Lika county



  • Turbot 210,00kn

    turbot fillet, fresh black truffle, dehydrated chicken skin

  • Mackerel loves sea anemone 160,00kn

    charred mackerel, breaded sea anemone, millet, stone soup

  • Lamb 230,00kn

    lamb steak, beetroot, braind and chocolate pralines, sweetbread ragout

  • Chicken for two lovers in the dark 390,00kn

    chicken, chicken jus, potato and butter cream

  • Leek 110,00kn

    leek and apple terrine, leek veloute, nutmeg egg

  • Peaches with whipped cream 60,00kn

    peach, peach juice, whipped cream

  • Apple 60,00kn

    apple millefeuille and frozen yoghurt

  • Cauliflower 60,00kn

    cold cream of cauliflower and vanilla, caramelized cauliflower


Vegetarian menu (490kn)

  • Leek

    leek terrine / apple / eggs / nutmeg

  • Celery root

    celery steak / celery espagnogle

  • Parsley

    parsley risotto / pickled parsnips

  • Cabagge

    fermented cabbage / cabbage puree

  • Cauliflower

    cauliflower ice cream / cauliflower cream



  • La mint

    Old Pilots Vodka, mint reduction, ginger and lavender soda

  • Placon

    Plum brandy infused with bacon, Biancosarti, Cochi americano, Teranino air

  • A Nut job

    Glembay 15 brandy, walnut liquor, limoncello, homemade buttermilk, pine nut and coco nibs

  • T&T

    Tequila el jimador, patron xo, sherry chilli balsamic, aromatic tonic

  • Princess Peach & Marzio

    brugal anejo infused with marzipan, lime juice, homemade oregat, sparkling wine

  • Revellini

    Old pilots vodka infused with kalamondin, white peach espuma

  • Old gold

    Woodford reserve, prošek ambra, orange oleo saccharum, figs

  • Negroni

    Botanist gin, campari, cochi americano

  • Tom collins

    Botanist gin, lemon juice, sugar syroup, soda

  • Old fashioned

    Woodford reserve, sugar, angostura

  • Whiskey sour

    Woodford reserve, lemon juice, sugar syroup, eggwhite

  • Daiquiri

    Havana 3y, lime juice, sugar syroup

  • Dark & Stormy

    Gosling black seal rum, lime juice, angostura, ginger beer

  • Moscow mule

    Vodka, lime juice,elderflower syroup, ginger beer

  • Esspresso martini

    Finlandia vodka, kahlua, esspresso, sugar syroup

  • Margarita

    Tequilla el jimador, lime juice, agave

  • Paloma

    Tequilla el jimador, pink grapefruit, lime juice,agave, soda